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Fresno Personal Injury & Auto Accident

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Fresno Personal Injury & Auto Accident
Fresno Personal Injury & Auto Accident

Fresno Car Accident Lawyers

Auto accident and personal injury lawyers help are essential in maximizing your motorcycle, semi truck/18 wheeler, bus, pedestrian, train, boat, aviation,atv, and bicycle crash injury claims.

Fresno personal injury and car accident lawyers can be of great help when you need legal representation. They hear you carefully and advise you on the best course of action, inform you about your rights and the claims that you can make after an accident or other personal injuries in Fresno, CA. The right Fresno car accident attorneys can deal with the complex legal process, interact with insurance companies and if things are not settled, they can file your case in a court of law for trial.

What Is personal injury and auto accidents?

Car accidents are very common. They can involve one or more automobiles. The common types of accidents involve collisions and rollovers. Your car may be damaged in the process or you may destroy another person’s property. You may also get injured in the process. The injuries may be physical, financial or emotional. Regardless of the injury, you need to lawyer up and make sure that you have the right Fresno car accident lawyers representing you to maximize your financial settlement.

Fresno personal injury practice areas

Fresno personal injury lawyers handle all type of injury and auto accident cases.

  • Slip & fall accidents: An injury and car accident lawyer handle slip and fall accidents. They may differ in severity but can be fatal or cause serious damage. 
  • Dog bite: Pet owners are required to have them on a leash, especially when in a public area. If they happen to get loose and harm someone, then the dog owner is liable.
  • Bus accidents: Buses are popular public transportation serving different areas of the city. You may be injured in an accident involving a bus. Fresno car accident lawyers can help evaluate your position and assess possible damages.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Some motorcyclists can be reckless on the road or maybe hurt due to the negligence of other road users. Such accidents are quite serious, leading to severe injury and long/short term disability.
  • Semi-truck/ 18-wheeler accident: Trucks form the backbone of goods transportation in the USA with most of them hauling products to all parts of the country. There are many risks in driving these heavy vehicles and accidents involving them can cause serious injuries.
  • Pedestrian accident: Fresno personal injury and car accident lawyers understand how serious a pedestrian accident can be. Drivers, cyclists, and pet-owners are some of the people whose negligence or fault may cause pedestrian accidents.
  • Bicycle accident: Regardless of how careful cyclists are, the risks on the road are real and you may still get hurt due to the negligence of other road users.
  • Wrongful death: Negligent acts of others, sometimes cause deaths. Compensation claims in such cases must be taken up by qualified Fresno car accident and personal injury attorneys.
  • Medical malpractice: These laws apply to medical professionals who do not exercise the right level of care in the course of their work, resulting in serious damage to a patient.
  • Train accident: Trains can also be involved in accidents because of speeding, the poor state of trucks, malfunctions, human error, mechanical failure and so on.
  • Premises liability: Anyone who possesses or manages premises owes a duty of care to people with legal access to such property. In case of an accident and injury, the owner becomes liable.
  • Product liability: The production of substandard goods leads to the circulation of defective products. The manufacturer can be held liable for damages, based on the circumstances of the case by Fresno car accident lawyers.  

Car accident & personal injury damage recovery

Fresno personal injury lawyers represent their clients to get them the justice they deserve. The types of damages awarded depend on the kind of injury sustained and the type of loss incurred. Damages include things like loss of property, pain and suffering, lost wages, storage fees, towing fees, medical bills, future medical bills, funeral expenses and so on. It’s important to seek legal representation to get your fair share of damages.

No fee upfront representation

Most Fresno car accident attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee arrangement. This benefits victims and families who really need legal representation, but do not have the money to pay upfront. In such a case, a percentage is agreed upon and the balance is paid after the case is concluded. The amount is usually 20-45%.

Fresno personal injury statute of limitations

In Fresno, the California statute of limitations is applicable. This is the time limit within which you should have filed a legal claim after an accident or a personal injury incident. You should know that the time is two years for personal injuries claims and three years for auto accidents. There may be some exceptions to this rule in certain circumstances.

Free Fresno car accident attorneys consultation

Fresno car accident and personal injury attorneys offer free initial consultation to all clients. This means that you can talk to a lawyer without having to pay anything for that initial meeting. After you have your case evaluated, understand your rights and entitlements, and are provided with the possible course of action that can be taken, you can decide what to do.

Partially at fault? You can still get compensated

California’s comparative negligence law is applicable in this area. If you are partly to blame for an accident, then you will be held accountable. This does not mean that you will not recover damages. It means that the settlement amount will be reduced by the percentage at which you were at fault. The right Fresno car accident lawyers when hire can guarantee fairness in this determination.



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