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California Motorcycle Crash Attorney – Seek A Motorcycle Accident Law Office HelpTo Explore Your Compensation Options

Seeking the help of a California motorcycle accident lawyer can make a big difference in the amount of financial compensation you will get from insurance companies.

Insurance companies have a bad reputation of not wanting to pay out when someone is they insured is at fault.

They tend to try to blame the accident and injuries on the victim. This is why getting an experienced and aggressive California motorcycle accident attorney to help you fight the insurance companies to make sure that your right is protected is very important.

Motorcycle Accident Law in California

Motorcycles are frequently seen plying the roads of California at any time of the day from Harley Davidson to Ducati.

This increases the rate of motorcycle accidents in and around the state with high mortality rates while many victims are inflicted with serious injuries, especially, when other larger vehicles are involved in the accident.

The US Department of Transportation records 80% of motorcycle accidents to be fatal or with serious injuries. Hence, it is not surprising to note the tough laws on motorcycles to safeguard other road users and the bikers.

Understanding the legal rights with regards to motorcycle accidents in and around the county can speed up the compensation of accident claims while avoiding trouble with the law. California motorcycle laws which allow lane splitting where a motorcyclist may share lanes with bigger vehicles on the road or freeway to bypass slow traffic.

However, this can cause unexpected accidents if the bigger vehicles are unable to make way for the motorcyclists. Motorcyclists plying roads must:

  • Wear approved helmets for protection
  • Have liability insurance that is sufficient for compensation
  • Possess a valid Class M1 or M2 license
  • Pass a skills test on handling a motorbike

When a motorcycle accident happens on the roads or highways of the county, there may be many versions of it depending on the number of vehicles involved. It may take some time to investigate the accident independently and thoroughly to identify the real source of error by the law enforcement officers, insurers as well as hired lawyers.

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