Irvine Personal Injury & Auto Accident

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Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyers Irvine CA

With experienced personal injury and car accident lawyers in Irvine Ca on your side, you can receive the financial compensation you deserve.

With the increasing affordability of cars and motor vehicles, the number of vehicles plying on the road has increased, along with the number of accidents. Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers have the expertise to provide legal services to the injured victims. Irvine car accident attorneys can help the injured party get the required compensation for damages or loss sustained for dog bites, slip & fall, motorcycle, truck, bus, pedestrian, train, boat, bicycle, atv, aviation, and other auto accidents

What Is Personal Injury And Car Accidents?

Personal injury can refer to harm to the person, whether physical, financial or emotional. “Personal” is a legal term and in this context, it refers to any injury caused by someone else’s fault or negligence, which can be tried in the court. This includes medical negligence, dog bites, etc. Car accidents are accidents caused by automobiles, which results in life-threatening and serious injury to the person and the vehicle. Irvine personal injury and car accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Some personal injury lawyers practice areas are:

Slip and fall accident: Slip and fall accidents may occur on someone else’s premises because of the owner’s negligence. In Irvine a case can be filed against the owners by Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers.

Dog bites: Dog bites are a serious personal injury and the injured party can file a case against the owner of the dog for the injuries caused.

Bus accident: Negligence on the bus driver’s or owner’s part is the main cause of bus accidents. Irvine car accident lawyers can help you with the legal proceedings.

Motorcycle accident: Motorcycle accidents occur on a regular basis. The injured person can take help of an experienced Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyer to claim his/her compensation.

Semi truck/18-wheeler-truck: Irvine car accident and personal injury attorneys can effectively help secure compensation for injured victims in case of semi-truck accidents and ensure a fair trial.

Pedestrian accident: Pedestrian accidents have the potential to cause fatal injuries. An Irvine personal injury and car accident attorney can help you to seek compensation from the people responsible for the accident.

Bicycle accident: Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers can help injured bicycle accident victims to get proper compensation for damages and injuries from the party at fault.

Wrongful death: Wrongful death is one of the worst things to happen and it is a serious offense. With the expert team of Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers on your side, you can file a claim against those responsible.

Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs due to negligence on the part of lifesavers like doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, institutions, hospitals, etc which results in death or irreversible damage. Those responsible can be brought to book with the help of an experienced team of attorneys.

Train accident: Commuters, passengers and railroad employees are the usual victims of train accidents. Attorneys well versed in personal injury and car accidents can deal with such cases.

Premise liability: Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers can help the victims of premise liability get the required compensation if they’re injured because of the premises owner’s negligence.

Product liability: Product liability is a legal term used when a product manufacturer is brought under the law for selling faulty/defective products that caused damage to a user. Irvine personal injury attorneys can help injured victims to get proper compensation.

Car Accident And Personal Injury Damage Recovery

Irvine car accident and personal injury lawyers can help injured car accident victims to get compensation or recover damages to property like clothes and phones etc. Victims can also claim compensatory damages which cover emotional, financial and physical injuries that require medical attention. Punitive damages refer to the injuries caused by a person who intentionally causes damage to a victim and thereby harms him/ her grievously. Here is more list of the things you can recover in injury on an auto accident.

  • Current medical fees
  • Long-term medical fees
  • Both support and care during recovery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damages
  • Punitive damages

No Fee Upfront Representation for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Train, Bus, Dog Bite,  Slip and Fall, Premises Liability, Burn Injury, Brain Injury, Bicycle, Aviation, Pedestrian, and Wrongful Death etc

Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyers are experts who give quality results to their clients. This is precisely the reason why our fee structure is contingency based. In contingency based fees, the attorney will charge fees from the client only if he/ she wins the case for the client. If the case is not won, absolutely no money is charged. If the Irvine personal injury and car accident lawyer wins the case then he/ she will charge around 20-40% of the final compensation that is awarded.

Irvine Personal Injury Statute Of Limitation 

Irvine is a city in California and follows the California personal injury statute of limitations. Here, the victim gets a two-year time period to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for injury and wrongful death. And three years for property damages. If filing against a government entity is 6 months. The plaintiff can consult a personal injury or auto accident lawyer for the right advice and assistance before the time runs out.

It All Starts With Irvine Car Accident Attorneys Free Consultation 

Injured victims can b connected to talk to or meet car accident lawyers in for an initial, free, no-obligation consultation. You can consult our lawyers anytime without having to worry about the fees. You deserve initial consultations completely free of cost for car, semi truck/18 wheeler, motorcycle, train, bus, dog bite, slip & fall, premises liability, burn injuries, brain injury, bicycle, aviation, pedestrian, and wrongful death cases etc.

Partially At Fault? You Can Still Get Compensated

California laws prioritize the needs of injured parties. According to the California pure comparative negligence law a person involved and injured in an accident can claim compensation or insurance even when he/ she is partially at fault. The compensation money will be given after proportionate deductions are made, based on the contribution of the victim in causing his/her own injuries. A fair trial is assured for both the parties. Your personal injury or car accident lawyer in Irvine CA will advise you on how this will apply to your case





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