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Animal Attack Claim Help
Animal Attack Claim Help


California Animal Attack Lawyer – Dog Bites etc

Best California Dog Bite Attorneys – Seek The Help Of Some Of The Best Local Animal Attack Law Offices To Help You Get High Compensation For Your Injuries

Dogs may be many peoples best friend in California, where the canine is deemed a great companion to those who are lonely or living alone. However, some dogs are not well trained to be tame pets to render bites that cause hardship and injuries to the victim. If you or loved ones been bitten by a dog you need the help of a California dog bite lawyer for help to get compensated.

An experienced California animal attack attorney can help the victim of animal attack understand the laws of CA concerning dog bites. The laws in CA states that a dog owner is liable for injuries caused by his dog without the privilege of “one-free bite” option as other states hold. Hence, a dog owner is liable to be responsible for any bite from his dog on any unfortunate individual even if it is the first occurrence by the dog. The state legislation does not consider the canine’s past good behavior when a bite accident happens.

Proving the Innocence Or Guilt During a Dog Bite Or Animal Attack

A dog bite incident can be approached from two angles to determine the real source of error. The defendant may not necessarily be guilty of his dog biting another individual if it can be proven that:

  • The dog is not legally owned by the defendant
  • The dog bit the victim who intruded into private property without prior permission of the owner
  • There were sufficient warnings and signboards indicating the presence of a fierce dog
  • The dog bit the victim in defense of the owner or property
  • The victim instigated the attack by the dog

On the other hand, a true victim of a dog bite can easily prove his case with evidence that:

  • The dog is owned by the defendant
  • Negligence is clear to the defendant in managing his dog
  • The attack took place in a public environment
  • Intentional attack was instigated by the defendant

Get Connected With Some Of The Best Dog Bites Lawyers For All Your Animal Attack Cases Is Very Important

If you or a loved have been bitten by a dog call us now to be connected with dog bite law firm. You need to hire the right animal attack lawyer to help you win your case and get compensated fairly. Most law firms offer no win no fee guarantee for this type of cases.



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