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California Premises Liability Lawyer

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California Premises Liability Lawyer
California Premises Liability Lawyer

California Premises Liability Attorneys: Learn About Premises Liabilities Claim Process, How a Law Firm Can Help and More

People who get a favorable result for their premises liability claim or lawsuit typically do something right: hire one of the best California premises liabilities lawyers. When you or a loved one is dealing with a CA premises accident claim you better lawyer up by retaining an aggressive California premises liability lawyer with years of knowledge.

You see, you may always remain careful in your home, but there may be hidden dangers in the other places you go which might cause you unexpected injuries. And since a California premises liability attorney is experienced in this field, they can help you decide who is/are to be blamed and what settlement can be claimed as compensation.

According to some research carried out by these quick facts by NFSI, falls account for more than 8 million emergency room visits of which slip and falls alone account for more than 1 million emergency room visits. 85% of workers’ compensation are due to slips on slick floors, contributing to about $70 billion expenditure in compensation and medical costs.

Every premise owner has some responsibilities related to the safety and well-being of those who visit, work, or live in their premises. If any innocent individual faces any accident in someone’s premises and gets injured or faces property damage as a result, then he/she has the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the premises.

And in order to get fair compensation for your losses in a premises accident, you will need the assistance of a well-learned premises liability lawyer.

What Is A Premises Liability And Common Causes?

Owners of properties like houses, restaurants, swimming pools, etc are supposed to maintain the safety of their premises and ensure that no-one has to face any type of loss due to their carelessness or negligence. They owe the liability of any such accident that may happen and need to compensate for it if the sufferer demands. This liability is called Premises Liability.

The most common causes of premises accident are uneven pavements, wet floor, uncleared snow, falling objects, broken furniture, collapsing of walls or ceiling, etc.

These premises accidents can occur almost anywhere like houses, hotels, restaurants grocery stores, public parks, malls, amusement parks, construction sites, etc.

When any of the above occurs you have the right to be compensated by hiring an experienced premises liability lawyer California, even if the fault is partially yours.

California Premises Liability Lawyers: Injuries They Can Help You Get Compensation For

Some of the most common injuries which can occur in a California premises accident and which an attorney can help you get you compensation are:

  • Neck injuries– Neck injuries can be caused by falls, faulty chairs, and other reasons.
  • Head injuries– Head injuries can be caused by falling objects, slips and falls, and other accidents.
  • Burns– Serious burns causing immense pain and disfiguration can occur from electrocution or fires.
  • Broken bones– Fractures in hip, limb bones, shoulder, are very common in slips and falls, especially with elderly people.
  • Spinal injuries– Spinal injuries can occur from slips and falls and cause paralysis and permanent disabilities.

When you meet with a California premises liability lawyer, you need to discuss with him or her any injury you are feeling even if they are not visible.

Most Common Premises Accident Claims Type

Though there can be types of premises accident claims, some of them are more commons than others and are listed below-

Trips & falls and slips & falls

-This accounts for the largest number of premises liability claims and may involve serious damages.

Falling objects

– Falling objects from windows of buildings or a high story of construction sites can bring serious head and brain injuries.

Elevators and escalators

– Elevators and escalators may sometimes cause injuries due to faulty parts or authority’s carelessness.

Swimming pools

– Slips and falls are very common inside or surroundings swimming pools. Fatal situations can take place in water in the absence of proper supervision.


– Yet another type of premise accidents in California, improper insulations, open wires, and other issues can cause an electric shock to anyone resulting in burning or even death.

Ceiling or building collapse

– Ill-maintained old buildings might collapse in which cause very serious and even fatal injuries are caused to its occupants.

Uncontrolled dogs

Uncontrolled dogs that are neither well-trained nor chained can bite someone which can be very painful. Animal attacks including dog bites are part of premises accidents that require an aggressive representation from a California premises liability attorney to get compensated.

Types Of Damages You Can Recover From a CA Premises Liability Case

A variety of damages and losses, monetary or non-monetary, may follow a premises accident, most of which can be compensated if an efficient California premises liability lawyer is handling your case. The monetary losses include medical bills, lost wages, and decreased work capacity (if any). The non-monetary losses refer to the pain, mental stress, and suffering you had to go through. All these will add up to make the total settlement money.

The State Pure Comparative Negligence /Fault Law And Your Case

Settlements in premises liability cases in California are decided according to the pure comparative negligence/fault law. In this system, the value of the settlement that a plaintiff gets decreases as the percentage of his proven contribution in the accident decreases. So, a professional aggressive premises liability lawyer will be required which can put down such claims which are raised by the opponents.

Be Aware Of The California PI Statute Of Limitation!

The state laws require a premises liability case to be reported and the settlement to be claimed within a specific period of time called the Statute OF Limitation.

The statute of limitations for personal injuries in a premises liability claim is generally two years in California. However, if the claim is against the government, then it must generally be commenced within six months of the injury. If a property was damaged during the incident you have three years to file for a claim.

Factors That Might Determine Your Premises Liability Settlement

A number of factors such as negligence and liability are considered while calculating the California premises liability settlement.


If you are also found to have contributed to the accident to some extent, then the settlement amount will be decreased.


The liability of the defendant towards the accident and hence, your losses and damages also decide the settlement.

If the injury is such that treatments may be needed in the future also, then that will also be considered. Then, the lost wages due to your inability to go to work during the period of recovery will add to the settlement. If your working capacity is reduced for long (or for a lifetime) due to the accident, then that will also be compensated for.

If the accident has cost the life of a loved one, then the settlement will be much higher. Your attorney will be able to walk you through the details and how your case might go and what you can and not get based on the circumstance of your case.

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