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Santa Barbara Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys, and More Info 

The right Santa Barbara car accident and personal injury lawyer assistance for Santa Barbara county car, pedestrians, motorcycles, DUI, bicycles, semi trucks or 18 wheelers, trains, boats, atvs, bus, and slip & falls accident injuries is important for your case!

This page will give more information on how to connect with a Santa Barbara car accident attorneys, process, and other important information about personal injury in the city and county.

Santa Barbara Car Accident & Personal Injuries

Santa Barbara car accidents and personal injuries occur on a daily basis.

Most accidents reported have to do with motor vehicles such as trucks, cars, and so on.

Santa Barbara personal injury and car accident lawyers can be instrumental in assisting you to get compensated for your injuries.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety 2016 report, 2797 people were injured or killed in Santa Barbara County from traffic collision.

After these crashes, fatalities, physical injuries, and significant damage needs to be addressed and hiring a qualified lawyer is important.

This is why having Santa Barbara car accident attorneys on your side who are aggressive and experienced should be to your best interest and a top priority on your injury claims case such as motorcycle, truck, bus, pedestrian, train, boat, bicycle, atv, slip & fall, aviation, and other personal injuries.

Personal injury and auto accidents defined

Santa Barbara Personal injuries, especially, auto accidents usually lead to injuries such as whiplash and other types of soft tissue injuries.

Injuries can also be very serious and it is possible for fatalities to occur in a car accident. In most cases, the liability is one-sided and the injured party can receive compensation from the party at fault.

The same applies to personal injuries in other areas, but you need to prove that the defendant was negligent and this why you need to hire one of the best car accident lawyers to represent you.

Santa Barbara personal injury lawyers practice areas

There are many types of cases a Santa Barbara personal injury lawyer can help you with.

These are known as practices areas and some of them are:

Car accidents:

Santa Barbara car accidents is one the most common motor vehicle/auto crashes and personal injuries.

This normally involves cars hitting other motor vehicles, pedestrians, etc.

Regardless what types of car accident a lawyer can help you get compensated.

Pedestrian accidents:

It is more likely for a Santa Barbara, California pedestrian to be injured when they’re involved in an accident with moving vehicles.

There are more fatalities in this kind of accident.

Motorists in the city are required to give the right of to people to avoid accidents involving pedestrians.

When these motorist irnore these rules they will held accountable for their neglect and be liable for the pedestrian injuries.

Motorcycle accidents:

Reckless or careless behavior can lead to a Santa Barbara, California motorcycle accident, leaving the rider, pedestrian, or other auto user injured.

The one at fault needs to be held accountable.

Semi-truck/ 18-wheeler accidents:

Santa Barbara car accident lawyers understand how stressful it can be to be involved in this kind of accident that can cause serious damages because of how big they are.

The good news is that you can recover financial damages and get back on your feet when involved in truck accidents in Santa Barbara, CA.

The financial recovery can be high too because truckers are required to carry higher insurrance coverages compared to other auto owners.

Bicycle accidents:

Cyclists can be involved in accidents due to their own negligence or the negligence of other road users.

A Santa Barbara personal injury and car accident lawyers can assist you with settlement when involved accident with a bicycle.

Bus accidents:

In Santa Barbara, public transportation involves the use of buses and accidents involving these large vehicles are often reported.

Santa Barbara personal injury and car accident attorneys can handle such issues.

Train accidents:

You need Santa Barbara car accident and personal injury attorneys for this type of case because it can involve a lot of negotiations with the train and insurance companies.

Wrongful deaths:

For this kind of claim to hold, it must be clear that a negligent or wrongful act occurred leading to death.

Medical malpractices:

In such a case, you will need to show that there was negligence or a breach of responsibility and that the normal standard of care was not followed resulting in the injury.

Premises liabilities:

Here, the main elements are control, possession, and ownership of the premises.

Any person who has authority for the above is liable for injuries that happen to people who enter the premises for legitimate business.

Product liabilities:

Santa Barbara personal injury and car accident attorneys can be helpful if you are injured after using a defective product.

Slip & fall accidents:

These kinds of accidents happen due to the negligence of property owners.

In such a case, the injured person can seek compensation and a Santa Barbara personal injury & car accident attorneys can help.

Dog bites:

Strict liability is usually applied in dog attacks or bites.

This is to say that a dog owner is liable for any injuries that are caused to persons who have been attacked/bitten by the dog.

Car accident & personal injury damage recovery

There are different types of compensation that an injured party can receive. 

They can be special damages or general damages.

General Damages: 

General damages are usually non-economic.

Special Damages:

Special damages are economic in nature.

Santa Barbara personal injury and car accident attorneys can help you in telling the difference.

General damages are losses and harms that come because of an injury or an accident.

No fee upfront representation

If you need representation after a Santa Barbara accident, then you can seek help from a qualified lawyer.

Usually, he or she will accept cases on a contingency fee arrangement which is often anywhere between 20 and 45%.

This means that a Santa Barbara car accident and personal injury lawyer can be accessed even when you do not have the full amount to pay them upfront.

Santa Barbara accident & personal Injury statute of limitations

In Santa Barbara, there is a 2-year statute of limitations in place.

If you fail to file a claim within this time, then the case may be barred for good. For property damage that results from a car incident, you have three years to file a complaint.

If the accident involved a federal, local, state, or governmental entity, then you only have six months to file a claim.

So call now to speak with someone about your case.

The comparative negligence can help you even when at fault

Comparative negligence law is used in Santa Barbara.

This allows the plaintiff to make a claim and be paid for the percentage of the damages that were attributable to the defendant directly.

The plaintiff’s own fault is also calculated and the percentage is then deducted from the amount payable.

Speak with a Santa Barbara auto accident lawyer for more details about this and how it might affect your case.

Get Santa Barbara car accident attorneys free consultation today!

Navigating the Santa Barbara civil claim court can be intimidating for those not versed with the law and court.

This is why we recommend to hire a lawyer to help with you personal injury case.

The good news is that most Santa Barbara car accident and personal injury lawyers offer no obligation and no fee consultation for injury cases.

And in the case of Santa Barbara car, pedestrians, motorcycles, semi trucks or 18 wheelers, bus, trains, boats, atvs, bicycles, and slip & falls injury case you only pay if your case is won.

This allows injured victims to access legal services even without funds at hand.

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